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Drug Lawyer

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Facing Drug Charges?

Maybe a cop pulled you over on a routine stop. Or perhaps you were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. However it happened, cops found drugs in your car or in possession.

You’re confused and distressed. Your mind is going a million miles an hour. It’s possible the drugs weren’t even yours. Either way, you’re facing a drug charge in South Carolina.

Now, you need a drug lawyer who can advise you on your rights, help you navigate the criminal process, and fight for the best possible outcome.

Drug Court South Carolina


Kent Collins has experience as a former prosecutor for the Lexington County narcotics squad, and he understands how to defend you against drugs charges based on your unique set circumstances. He can lay out your options, explain your rights, and vigorously defend you in a court of law.

I have private investigators who are retired narcotics officers. They can evaluate your case from an officer’s point of view to help come up with your defense strategy.”

-Kent Collins, Criminal Defense Attorney


Specifically, you need a drug charge lawyer in South Carolina who will:

Fight the charge(s) filed against you,


Protect your rights and reputation, and


Work to minimize the impact this charge has on your life.

Types of drug crimes Kent can help you with




Intent to distribute






Trafficking in illegal drugs


Three Reasons To Choose Kent Collins


Thinks Like a Prosecutor

He can think like a prosecutor. After all, he was one! Now, he puts that experience to work for you.


Digs Deep Into Your Case

He will dig into your case. Kent wants to know every detail of your case. It is the smallest of details that can make the difference between a dismissed charge and a conviction.


He will answer your questions.

Kent wants you to understand what’s happening. This helps him be an effective advocate for you.

The Rules of Professional Conduct require disclosure that this is a “Testimonial” about the attorney. Please be aware that any result achieved on behalf of one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients.

I found Kent’s knowledge and experience in matters of law to be the determining factor in solving my legal issue.

Jim S.

Great attorney. Works with his clients. Honest. Very accessible. Ability to call and speak to a live person (even on weekends).

Julie B.

Common Questions

Like others we’ve helped before you, you’re bound to have questions about your drug charge.

What if the drugs weren’t mine?

Kent will examine the facts of your case to determine what the best course of action is.

Can the charges be dropped?

Yes, the prosecutor or judge can choose to dismiss the charges, but they sometimes need a defense attorney to convince them.

Can charges be expunged?

Yes, a non-conviction can be expunged from your record, and some first-time offenses can be expunged after a pre-determined period of good behavior.

Can you still own a gun if you’re convicted of a drug charge?

This depends on the charge, but a conviction can result in you losing your right to possess a firearm.

How much jail time will I serve if convicted?

This depends on whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony and whether you have prior convictions.

What if this is not my 1st offense?

Prior convictions often mean stiffer penalties for subsequent convictions. Even if this is your first charge related to a particular drug, prior convictions related to other drugs count. This means if you were convicted of marijuana possession in the past, a methamphetamine conviction later is considered a second offense.

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