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What Is Probable Cause in SC?

While laws may vary between states, there are some rights guaranteed to every U.S. citizen by the Federal Constitution. One, established by the Fourth Amendment, is the protection against unlawful searches and seizures unless law enforcement officials have something...

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The Effects of Drug Use While Pregnant

The dangers of using drugs and alcohol while pregnant have been well-documented throughout the United States. A number of high-profile federal court decisions have shaped federal policy on the issue, but before we discuss the legal implications of substance use during...

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How to Get a Simple Possession Charge Dropped in SC

A conviction for Simple Possession of a controlled substance in South Carolina can seriously derail your life. Contrary to popular belief, however, there are ways to get this charge dropped or reduced. In this piece, we'll discuss: What simple possession of a...

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Drug Courts SC: How Criminal Sentencing Works

A charge for a drug-related offense can be life-changing in its impact and should be avoided at all costs. Everyone makes mistakes, and when the case involves addiction, it's easy to get caught in a low point and end up in trouble with the law. At the Kent Collins Law...

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Top Defenses to Drug Charges in SC

In South Carolina, as in all states, drug crimes can be extremely damaging to a person's life, their relationships, their good name, their employment standing and much more. When faced with a drug charge, you don't have to just take it, especially when circumstances...

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Signs & Symptoms Someone You Know Is on Drugs

Having someone close to you using and abusing drugs or other illicit substances can be worrying. If you care about someone's well being and you suspect that they may be dependent on substances, it's natural to worry about their health and safety. In this article,...

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